We have teams in age groups from U6 and the number of teams in each group depends on the number of registered players in that age group. Teams have designated Coaches and Managers.

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Team Days Field Times Coach
U6 Mon,Wed Hockey B 17H30-18H30 Eric Turner,
U7 Mon,Wed Hockey B 17H30-18H30 Jocs Campos,
Veemal Bhagwandas,
Manny Medes
U8 Mon,Wed Hockey A 17H30-18H30 Gavin Andrew,
Candice Coppin
U9 Mon,Wed Soccer B 17H30-18H30 Rob Walsh,
Clint Franco,
Allan Palmarozza
U10 Mon,Wed Soccer A 17H30-18H30 Grant Gladwin,
Vee Evans,
Grant Panter,
Kim Hirsh
U11 Mon,Wed Soccer C 17H30-18H30 Paul McVicar,
Jorge Perreira,
Alex Gomes,
Heather Peter
U12 Mon,Wed Soccer C 17H30-18H30 Tony Carvalho,
Victor Martins,
Anthony Overton,
Robert Cameron,
Glen Sampson
U13 Tues, Thurs Soccer B 18H00-19H30 Gavin Andrew,
Andrew Goatcher
U14 Tues, Thurs Soccer B 18H00-19H30 Tony Concalves,
Jose De Sa
U15 Tues, Thurs Soccer A 18H00-19H30
U16 Tues, Thurs Soccer B 18H00-19H30 Jeff Hunter,
John Monteiro
U17 Tues, Thurs Soccer C 18H00-19H30 Nielson Branco,
Clifford Mills,
Carlos Gouveia,
Tony Marques,
Angie Branco